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Giraffes Names

When it comes to naming our beloved pets, we often seek inspiration from various sources. Giraffes, with their long necks and gentle demeanor, deserve names that capture their unique essence.

To assist you in this delightful endeavor, I’ve compiled a list of names, each accompanied by a brief description.

Scientific NameGiraffa camelopardalis
Common NameGiraffe
Most Common Nick NamesStretch, Longneck, Spots
Most Rare Nick NamesHighrise, Skygazer, Treeto

Best Giraffe Names

Choosing the perfect name for your giraffe can be a delightful task. A name can reflect the personality, appearance, or even the history of the animal. Here are some inspirations to consider.

  • Atlas – Referring to the titan who held up the sky.
  • Majesty – A name befitting a creature of such grace and stature.
  • Savannah – Named after the vast plains they often inhabit.
  • Eclipse – For a giraffe that stands tall, overshadowing others.
  • Horizon – Looking as far as one can see.
  • Zenith – Representing the highest point.
  • Sable – After the African antelope.
  • Nimbus – A cloud that surrounds the top, much like a giraffe’s head in the sky.
  • Pinnacle – The highest point of development or achievement.
  • Solstice – The time when the sun is at its highest.
  • Terra – Latin for earth or land.
  • Vista – A pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening.
  • Zephyr – A gentle, mild breeze.
  • Oasis – A peaceful, refreshing respite in the desert.
  • Serengeti – After the iconic African national park.
  • Delta – Where the river meets the ocean.
  • Meadow – A field of grass.
  • Sierra – Mountain ranges.
  • Tundra – Vast, flat, treeless Arctic region.
  • Prairie – A large open area of grassland.
  • Summit – The highest point of a hill or mountain.
  • Dune – A mound or ridge of sand.
  • Glade – An open space in a forest.
  • Plateau – An area of high ground.
  • Canyon – A deep gorge.
  • Veldt – The open grassland in Africa.
  • Mesa – An elevated area of land with a flat top.
  • Ridge – A long narrow hilltop.
  • Valley – A low area between hills.
  • Bluff – A steep cliff or bank.

In the vast world of names, these stand out for their uniqueness and relevance to the majestic giraffe. Each name tells a story, and your giraffe deserves a name that resonates with its grandeur.

Cultural Giraffe Names

Names from various cultures can add depth and meaning to your giraffe’s identity. Drawing from languages and traditions around the world, here are some culturally rich names for your consideration.

  • Amani – Swahili for “peace.”
  • Boma – African for “enclosure or living area.”
  • Chui – Swahili for “leopard,” referencing their spotted coat.
  • Dali – After the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali.
  • Eyo – A festival in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Farai – Shona for “rejoice.”
  • Gahiji – Rwandan for “hunter.”
  • Hakuna – From the Swahili phrase “Hakuna Matata” meaning “no worries.”
  • Indira – Sanskrit for “beauty.”
  • Jengo – Swahili for “building,” referencing their tall stature.
  • Kazi – Swahili for “work” or “labor.”
  • Lulu – Swahili for “gem” or “pearl.”
  • Mosi – Swahili for “first.”
  • Nia – Swahili for “purpose.”
  • Oni – Yoruba for “wanted.”
  • Penda – Swahili for “love.”
  • Quilla – Incan goddess of the moon.
  • Rafiki – Swahili for “friend.”
  • Siti – Swahili for “lady.”
  • Tafari – Amharic for “he who inspires awe.”
  • Uzuri – Swahili for “beauty.”
  • Vita – Latin for “life.”
  • Waziri – Swahili for “minister.”
  • Xola – Zulu for “stay in peace.”
  • Yara – Brazilian goddess of waters.
  • Zola – Zulu for “quiet” or “tranquil.”
  • Asha – Swahili for “life.”
  • Balozi – Swahili for “ambassador.”
  • Chanda – Bemba for “beloved.”
  • Duma – Swahili for “cheetah.”

Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures not only gives your giraffe a unique name but also pays homage to the rich tapestry of global traditions. These names are a testament to the beauty of cultural diversity and might be a good choice.

Names For A Baby Giraffe

Baby giraffes, with their innocent eyes and playful antics, deserve names that capture their youthful charm. Here are some names that resonate with the spirit of these young ones.

  • Bambi – After the famous Disney deer.
  • Cuddles – Because they’re so huggable.
  • Daisy – A fresh and youthful name.
  • Elfie – Small and magical.
  • Fawn – A young deer, also representing youth.
  • Honey – Sweet as honey.
  • Opal – A precious gemstone, reflecting their unique and beautiful markings.
  • Saffron – Vibrant and golden, much like a giraffe’s coat.
  • Ivy – Fresh and green.
  • Jellybean – Colorful and sweet.
  • Kiki – Playful and fun.
  • Lolly – Sweet and delightful.
  • Muffin – Soft and sweet.
  • Nugget – A small piece of gold or a term of endearment.
  • Pebbles – Small and cute.
  • Quip – Quick and witty.
  • Ruffles – Cute and frilly.
  • Sprout – Young and growing.
  • Tink – After Tinkerbell, the tiny fairy.
  • Whimsy – Playful and fanciful.

Naming a baby giraffe is a joyous task, and these names are bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face. They encapsulate the essence of youth, playfulness, and the sheer joy of life.

Famous Giraffe Names

Some giraffes have made their mark in popular culture, zoos, or conservation efforts. Here’s a list of famous giraffe names, each with a brief backstory.

  • Geoffrey – The mascot of the Toys “R” Us stores.
  • Melman – The hypochondriac giraffe from the “Madagascar” movie series.
  • Ginny – A giraffe from the London Zoo, known for her gentle nature.
  • Zarafa – The first giraffe in France, gifted to Charles X by Muhammad Ali of Egypt in 1826.
  • Marius – A giraffe from the Copenhagen Zoo, whose fate sparked international debate.
  • Jolly – A giraffe from the San Francisco Zoo, known for her playful antics.
  • Twigga – A character from the children’s book “Twigga the Giraffe” by John and Jennifer Churchman.
  • Gerald – The dancing giraffe from the movie “Zootopia.”
  • Jambo – A giraffe from the Chester Zoo, known for his majestic presence.
  • Gigi – A giraffe from the Dallas Zoo, celebrated for her birth in captivity.
  • Harriet – A giraffe from the Taronga Zoo, known for her friendly demeanor.
  • Stretch – A character from the video game “Neck ‘n’ Neck.”
  • Mosi – A giraffe from the African Lion Safari in Canada, known for her conservation efforts.
  • Tallulah – A giraffe from the Santa Barbara Zoo, known for her long and healthy life.
  • Sky – A giraffe from the San Diego Zoo, celebrated for her birth in captivity.

These giraffes have left an indelible mark in the hearts of many. Their stories inspire, entertain, and remind us of the importance of conservation efforts.

Funny Giraffe Names

Naming a giraffe can be a fun endeavor, especially when you’re looking for something light-hearted. Here are some humorous names that play on the giraffe’s unique characteristics, which you might want to consider.

  • HighFive – Because they’re always up high!
  • Necktie – Playing on their long necks.
  • SpotCheck – A nod to their spotted coats.
  • TippyToe – They’re always on their toes.
  • LeanBean – Tall and slender.
  • SkyScraper – Towering above all.
  • Stiltz – Walking on long legs.
  • Peekaboo – Always peeking over things.
  • Lofty – High and mighty.
  • HeadsUp – Always looking up.
  • Lanky – Tall and thin.
  • TallTale – A story that stretches the truth.
  • Overlook – Always looking over things.
  • TopHat – Always on top.
  • Uptown – Where the high-rises are.
  • HighNote – Hitting the top notes.
  • Elevator – Always going up.
  • Skyline – The top of the city.

These names are sure to bring a chuckle and add a touch of humor to your giraffe’s identity. After all, naming should be a fun and creative process.

Cute Giraffe Names

For those who adore the endearing qualities of giraffes, here are some names that capture their cuteness.

  • Stardust – Conjuring images of celestial beauty and magic.
  • Willowisp – A mysterious and enchanting name.
  • Seraphina – A feminine name meaning “angelic” and “fiery.”
  • Petaline – Inspired by delicate flower petals.
  • Breezelet – Conjures a sense of lightness and playfulness.
  • Dazzle – Reflecting a sparkling, captivating giraffe.
  • Mochi – Soft, sweet, and oh-so-lovable.
  • Buttercup – Sweet and yellow.
  • Twinkle – Shining brightly.
  • Pumpkin – Round and orange.
  • Snowflake – Unique and delicate.
  • Puff – Soft and fluffy.
  • Sparkle – Shining with light.
  • Jelly – Soft and wobbly.
  • Pudding – Soft and sweet.
  • Binky – A baby’s pacifier.
  • Halo – Angelic and bright.
  • Ribbon – Long and flowing.

These names capture the sweetness and charm of giraffes, making them perfect for your adorable long-necked friend.


Naming a giraffe is a delightful journey that allows you to tap into your creativity, cultural knowledge, and sense of humor. Whether you’re naming a toy, a character in a story, or a real-life giraffe, the perfect name awaits.

Hopefully from the above collection, you’ll be able to find a name that resonates with the spirit and essence of these magnificent creatures.

Happy Naming!

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