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Leopard Names

Choosing the perfect name for a leopard, whether it’s for a story, a game, or even a beloved pet (pun intended), can be a delightful yet challenging task. Names carry significance, and for such a majestic creature, it should resonate with its elegance and power.

Here are some of the names to consider

Scientific NamePanthera pardus
Common NameLeopard
Most Common Nick NamesLeo, Spots, Paws
Most Rare Nick NamesLumina, Zephyra, Tigran

Best Leopard Names

Leopards are known for their grace, agility, and mysterious aura. When naming such a magnificent creature, it’s essential to capture its essence. Here are some of the best names that reflect the leopard’s unique characteristics.

  • Orion – After the prominent constellation.
  • Blaze – Representing fiery spirit and energy.
  • Eclipse – For a leopard with a dark and mysterious aura.
  • Thunder – A name that signifies strength and power.
  • Solstice – Representing the longest and shortest days.
  • Zenith – Meaning the highest point.
  • Nova – A star showing a sudden increase in brightness.
  • Atlas – Holding up the world, a name of strength.
  • Vega – After one of the brightest stars in the night sky.
  • Nimbus – Representing clouds and celestial aura.
  • Stellar – Of the stars.
  • Comet – A celestial object with a tail of light.
  • Riven – Meaning torn apart, for a fierce spirit.
  • Pinnacle – The highest point or peak.
  • Aurora – After the natural light display in the Earth’s sky.
  • Bolt – Fast and powerful.
  • Drift – For a leopard with a free spirit.
  • Lumina – Radiating light or brilliance.
  • Zephyra – Inspired by the gentle west wind.
  • Summit – The highest point.
  • Gale – A strong wind, representing speed.
  • Terra – Meaning earth or land.
  • Flint – A hard type of rock, signifying strength.
  • Torrent – A strong and fast-moving stream.
  • Lustra – Meaning shine or glow.
  • Sierra – Mountain ranges, representing majesty.
  • Tempest – A violent storm.
  • Nimbus – A halo of light.
  • Vortex – A powerful circular current.
  • Tigran – A name that resonates with power and might.

Choosing the right name for a leopard can be a reflection of its personality, the environment it’s in, or the emotions it evokes in you. These names are a blend of nature, celestial bodies, and characteristics that mirror the leopard’s essence.

Male Leopard Names

Male leopards are known for their strength, dominance, and territorial nature. When naming a male leopard, it’s essential to capture these attributes, ensuring the name is as majestic as the creature itself.

  • Titan – A figure of great strength.
  • Rex – Meaning king.
  • Brutus – Strong and powerful.
  • Magnus – Great in Latin.
  • Falcon – A bird of prey.
  • Baron – A title of honor and respect.
  • Duke – A noble rank.
  • Maximus – The greatest.
  • Thor – The Norse god of thunder.
  • Caesar – An emperor’s title.
  • Odin – A chief god in Norse mythology.
  • Hercules – A hero known for his strength.
  • Khan – A title for rulers in Central Asia.
  • Leon – Meaning lion, a symbol of strength.
  • Apollo – Greek god of the sun.
  • Zeus – King of the gods in Greek mythology.
  • Mars – Roman god of war.
  • Vulcan – Roman god of fire.
  • Jupiter – King of the Roman gods.
  • Nero – Powerful and strong.

Naming a male leopard requires a blend of strength, royalty, and mythology. These names are inspired by gods, titles, and symbols that resonate with the power and majesty of the male leopard.

Female Leopard Names

Female leopards are graceful, nurturing, and equally fierce. Their names should reflect their elegance, beauty, and strength, capturing the essence of their feminine spirit.

  • Luna – Meaning moon.
  • Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom.
  • Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, a queen of Egypt.
  • Hera – Queen of the Greek gods.
  • Venus – Roman goddess of love.
  • Selene – Greek goddess of the moon.
  • Aurora – Roman goddess of the dawn.
  • Isis – Ancient Egyptian goddess of magic.
  • Freya – Norse goddess of love.
  • Diana – Roman goddess of the hunt.
  • Gaia – Greek goddess of the earth.
  • Vesta – Roman goddess of the hearth.
  • Juno – Roman goddess and protector of women.
  • Lila – Meaning play or amusement.
  • Sable – A shade of black.
  • Daphne – A nymph in Greek mythology.
  • Iris – Greek goddess of the rainbow.
  • Lyra – A constellation.
  • Orla – Meaning golden princess.
  • Seraphina – Fiery-winged.

The names of female leopards are inspired by goddesses, and meanings that evoke beauty, strength, and grace, capturing the essence of these magnificent creatures. Hope you are able to find a perfect fit.

Famous Leopard Names

Throughout history and popular culture, some leopards have stood out, either due to their stories or their portrayal in media. Here is a list of some of the most renowned leopard names and their backgrounds.

  • Bagheera – The black leopard from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.”
  • Sabor – The fierce leopard from Disney’s “Tarzan.”
  • Sheena – From the comic book series “Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.”
  • Jelani – A famous leopard from a renowned wildlife documentary.
  • Kaela – The protagonist in a popular children’s book about leopards.
  • Zara – A leopard character from a famous animated series.
  • Leo – A mascot for a popular sports team.
  • Nala – While known as a lioness from “The Lion King,” the name has been used for leopards in other stories.
  • Rasha – A leopard in a famous zoo that garnered media attention.
  • Laila – A leopard from a popular wildlife conservation campaign.
  • Mowgli’s Enemy – Another reference to “The Jungle Book,” though not the leopard’s actual name.
  • Chui – A name used in various documentaries, meaning “leopard” in Swahili.
  • Asa – A leopard in a renowned wildlife park.
  • Zulu – A leopard from a famous African safari documentary.
  • Kira – A leopard in a popular video game.
  • Mara – A reference to the Maasai Mara, where many wildlife documentaries feature leopards.
  • Pardus – Inspired by the leopard’s scientific name.
  • Rajan – A leopard from a famous Indian wildlife sanctuary.
  • Simba – While primarily known as a lion from “The Lion King,” the name has been adopted for leopards too.
  • Tasha – A leopard from a renowned wildlife rescue story.

These famous leopard names have left an indelible mark in various media, from literature to documentaries. They capture the imagination and bring the world of leopards closer to us.

Leopard Names for Cats

Naming your domestic cat after a leopard can be a fun way to acknowledge their wild ancestry. These names are inspired by the leopard’s characteristics, making them perfect for your feline friend.

  • Paws – Highlighting the leopard’s stealthy feet.
  • Whisker – For the long, sensitive facial hairs.
  • Spots – A nod to the leopard’s distinctive coat.
  • Hunter – Recognizing the leopard’s predatory nature.
  • Shadow – For their stealthy nature.
  • Roar – A playful nod to the leopard’s vocalization.
  • Wild – Acknowledging the domestic cat’s wild ancestry.
  • Stealth – For the silent, stalking nature of leopards.
  • Dash – Recognizing the leopard’s speed.
  • Jungle – A nod to the leopard’s natural habitat.
  • Pounce – Highlighting the leopard’s hunting technique.
  • Fierce – Recognizing the leopard’s powerful nature.
  • Grace – For the leopard’s elegant movements.
  • Streak – A nod to the leopard’s swift nature.
  • Chase – Recognizing the leopard’s hunting prowess.
  • Leap – For the leopard’s ability to jump great distances.
  • Crouch – Highlighting the leopard’s hunting stance.
  • Sprint – A nod to the leopard’s speed.
  • Camo – Short for camouflage, recognizing the leopard’s coat.
  • Claw – For the leopard’s sharp talons.

Naming your cat after a leopard is a delightful way to celebrate their wild spirit. These names capture the essence of the leopard, making them perfect for your domestic feline.


Leopards, with their majestic presence and captivating beauty, deserve names that mirror their essence. Whether you’re naming a character in a story, a folktale, or simply indulging in the joy of naming, this guide offers a plethora of options.

From the strength of male leopards to the grace of females, from the famous names that have left a mark in history to playful names for your domestic cats, there’s a name for every occasion. Browse, explore, and find that perfect name that resonates with the spirit of the leopard.

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