149+ Chicken Names | Black, Cute, Unique, and Famous

Chicken Names

As a professional onomast and pet-naming enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the art of naming. Chickens, with their unique personalities and quirks, deserve names that reflect their character.

Whether you’ve just welcomed a new chick pet into your family or you’re looking to rename an older hen or rooster, here is a list of names you can consider.

Scientific NameGallus gallus domesticus
Common NameChicken
Most Common Nick NamesChicko, Hen, Roosty
Most Rare Nick NamesFeathene, Cluckles, Eggbert

Best Chicken Names

Choosing the perfect name for your chicken can be a delightful task. Here is a list of some of the best chicken names that are both unique and memorable.

  • Athena – Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom.
  • Cluckington – A regal name for a dignified rooster.
  • Phoenix – A mythical bird that rises from its ashes.
  • Benedict – A playful nod to eggs benedict.
  • Eggsy – Inspired by the movie “Kingsman”.
  • Poultrygeist – A humorous twist for a spirited chicken.
  • Locklear – A punny name inspired by the actress Heather Locklear.
  • Chickira – For a chicken with some serious dance moves, inspired by Shakira.
  • Eggbert – A classic name for a chicken with character.
  • Cluck Norris – Named after the legendary Chuck Norris.
  • Henneth Paltrow – A chic name inspired by actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Dixie – A nod to the famous country band.
  • Roostie – A cute name for a rooster.
  • Christie – For the mysterious chicken, inspired by the famous author.
  • Yolk-o Ono – A musical name inspired by Yoko Ono.
  • Henrietta – A classic and elegant name.
  • Chickpea – A cute and playful name.
  • Bawkama – Inspired by the 44th U.S. president.
  • Feathruster – For a chicken that’s always cleaning up.

Choosing the right name for your chicken can be a reflection of their personality, your interests, or simply a fun play on words. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s a name that brings a smile to your face.

Spanish Chicken Names

Immerse your chicken in the rich tapestry of the Spanish language with these uncommon and evocative names. Each name carries a story, a piece of culture, and a touch of exotic allure. From the spirited to the serene, these names will lend a unique charm to your feathered companion, ensuring they stand out in any flock.

  • Isidro – Meaning “gift of God,” a name for a chicken that brings joy and blessings.
  • Amalia – Evoking a sense of industriousness and hard work, perfect for a diligent hen.
  • Pascual – Signifying Easter, ideal for a chicken with a lively and vibrant spirit.
  • Calista – Meaning “most beautiful,” a fitting choice for an exceptionally lovely chicken.
  • Nestor – A name that embodies wisdom and guidance, suitable for a chicken that leads the flock.
  • Soledad – Translating to “solitude” or “solace,” perfect for a contemplative and peaceful chicken.
  • Ignacio – A name that signifies fire and passion, ideal for a spirited and energetic bird.
  • Antonia – Representing strength and perseverance, a name for a resilient and determined chicken.
  • Rafaela – A feminine form of Rafael, symbolizing healing and restoration.
  • Luz – Simply meaning “light,” a name for a chicken that brightens even the darkest days.
  • Hernan – Signifying adventurous exploration, perfect for a curious and adventurous chicken.
  • Eulalia – Evoking a sense of sweetness and charm, fitting for an endearing hen.
  • Maximo – Meaning “greatest” or “most excellent,” ideal for a standout chicken in your flock.
  • Olalla – A name that conveys purity and innocence, suitable for a gentle and kind-hearted bird.
  • Aurelio – Signifying golden, a fitting choice for a chicken with a radiant and vibrant plumage.
  • Estrella – Translating to “star,” a name for a chicken that shines brightly in your coop.
  • Rodrigo – A name that exudes strength and valor, perfect for a bold and fearless rooster.
  • Margarita – Representing a pearl, ideal for a chicken that is a rare and precious gem.
  • Pablo – A classic name with a sense of humility and simplicity, suitable for a down-to-earth chicken.
  • Veronica – Signifying victory, a name for a chicken that overcomes any obstacle with grace.
  • Salvador – Meaning “savior” or “rescuer,” a fitting choice for a protective and caring chicken.
  • Emilio – Evoking a sense of industriousness and hard work, perfect for a diligent hen.
  • Paloma – Translating to “dove,” a name that brings a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • Felipe – Signifying a friend of horses, ideal for a chicken with a spirited and lively nature.
  • Elvira – A name that carries a sense of wisdom and nobility, suitable for a regal and dignified bird.
  • Julio – Representing youth and vitality, a name for a lively and energetic chicken.
  • Isabella – Meaning “devoted to God,” fitting for a chicken with a strong and noble character.
  • Querida – Translating to “beloved” or “dear,” perfect for a cherished and treasured chicken.
  • Fernando – Signifying adventurous spirit, ideal for a chicken that loves to explore.
  • Aurora – A name that evokes the beauty of a sunrise, suitable for a bird that brings light to your days.
  • Matias – Meaning “gift of God,” a fitting choice for a chicken that brings joy and blessings.
  • Elena – Evoking a sense of radiance and beauty, perfect for a hen with a vibrant presence.
  • Diego – A name that exudes strength and determination, ideal for a resilient and tenacious chicken.
  • Ines – Signifying purity and innocence, suitable for a gentle and kind-hearted bird.
  • Hugo – A name that carries a sense of intellect and wisdom, fitting for a clever and sharp chicken.
  • Celeste – Translating to “heavenly,” a name that brings a sense of grace and elegance.
  • Victor – Signifying victory, ideal for a chicken that overcomes challenges with determination.
  • Valentina – Representing strength and bravery, a name for a courageous and fearless bird.
  • Natalia – Meaning “born on Christmas,” perfect for a chicken with a festive and joyful spirit.
  • Benito – A name that embodies blessedness and goodness, suitable for a truly special chicken.
  • Dulce – Meaning “sweet,” a name for a chicken with a gentle and kind disposition.
  • Javier – Signifying new house or home, ideal for a chicken that finds comfort in its coop.
  • Marina – Evoking a sense of the sea, perfect for a free-spirited and adventurous bird.
  • Luisa – A name that exudes grace and elegance, fitting for a dignified and regal hen.
  • Raul – Signifying wolf counsel, suitable for a chicken known for its intelligence and wisdom.
  • Esteban – Translating to “crown,” a name for a chicken that stands out as a leader.
  • Rosario – Meaning “rosary,” ideal for a chicken that brings a sense of calm and tranquility.
  • Lucia – A name that embodies light and illumination, perfect for a radiant and lively bird.
  • Aldo – Signifying old and wise, fitting for a chicken with a mature and sage demeanor.
  • Paloma – Translating to “dove,” a name that brings a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • Carlos – A classic name representing strength and nobility, ideal for a regal rooster.
  • Marcela – Meaning “young warrior,” perfect for a spirited and courageous chicken.
  • Alba – Evoking the beauty of a sunrise, fitting for a bird that brings light to your days.
  • Pedro – Signifying rock or stone, ideal for a sturdy and resilient chicken.
  • Elena – A name that exudes radiance and beauty, suitable for a hen with a vibrant presence.
  • Santiago – Representing Saint James, a name for a brave and adventurous chicken.
  • Beatriz – Meaning “bringer of joy,” perfect for a cheerful and lively feathered friend.
  • Diega – A feminine form of Diego, signifying strength and determination.
  • Manuel – Evoking a sense of God’s presence, fitting for a chicken with a divine aura.
  • Isidra – A name meaning “gift of God,” ideal for a chicken that brings blessings to your flock.
  • Alejandra – Signifying defender of mankind, suitable for a protective and caring hen.
  • Fidel – Representing faithfulness and loyalty, a name for a steadfast and reliable chicken.
  • Nina – Meaning “little girl,” perfect for a petite and endearing feathered companion.
  • Eduardo – Signifying prosperity and wealth, fitting for a chicken that brings abundance.
  • Leticia – A name that conveys joy and happiness, ideal for a cheerful and upbeat bird.
  • Ramona – Evoking a sense of wise protection, suitable for a vigilant and watchful hen.
  • Joaquin – Meaning “raised by God,” perfect for a chicken that feels divinely guided.
  • Magdalena – Signifying greatness and magnificence, ideal for an exceptional chicken.
  • Oscar – A name that exudes strength and vigor, fitting for a robust and lively rooster.
  • Lola – Evoking a sense of playfulness and charm, suitable for a lively and spirited hen.
  • Andres – Meaning “manly” and “strong,” perfect for a robust and powerful chicken.
  • Carmela – Signifying orchard or garden, ideal for a chicken that loves to forage.
  • Francisco – A name that embodies freedom and independence, fitting for a free-ranging chicken.
  • Inocencia – Meaning “innocence,” perfect for a sweet-natured and gentle bird.
  • Mariano – Signifying of the sea, ideal for a chicken with a love for water and exploration.
  • Elsa – Evoking a sense of regal elegance, suitable for a chicken with a graceful presence.
  • Victoriano – Meaning “victorious,” fitting for a chicken that overcomes challenges with determination.
  • Celia – Signifying heavenly, ideal for a chicken that brings a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • Feliciano – Representing happiness and good fortune, a name for a chicken that brings joy.
  • Irene – Evoking a sense of peace and serenity, suitable for a calm and gentle bird.

With names like these, your chicken will not only have a distinctive identity but will also carry a piece of Spanish culture wherever it roams. Each name is a gem, carefully chosen for its unique resonance. Embrace the beauty and depth of the Spanish language with these extraordinary names for your cherished feathered friends.

Good Chicken Names

There are various names, each holding its own unique charm, a testament to the endless possibilities. Here is a list of some cool fusion and good names, we came across, and hope will be ideal for your one-of-a-kind feathered companion.

  • Quilite – Radiating a sense of unique beauty, like a quilt of vibrant feathers.
  • Flovex – A name that captures the essence of graceful movement and elegance.
  • Zephyro – Conjuring the image of a gentle breeze, perfect for a free-spirited chicken.
  • Bristelle – Reflecting a shimmering quality, akin to the twinkle in a bird’s eye.
  • Driftune – Evoking a sense of tranquility, as if the chicken is carried along by a soothing melody.
  • Embera – Suggesting a warm and radiant presence, much like glowing embers in a fire.
  • Lunaire – Carrying an air of mystery and charm, like the moon on a clear night.
  • Verdino – Signifying a verdant and lush demeanor, akin to fresh spring leaves.
  • Celestra – Alluding to a celestial quality, as if touched by the stars themselves.
  • Whispero – Implies a soft-spoken and gentle nature, like a whispered secret.
  • Solstice – Evokes a sense of balance and harmony, akin to the changing seasons.
  • Glacire – Conjures images of cool serenity, like the calm of a frozen lake.
  • Stardustle – Suggesting a magical and enchanting presence, as if sprinkled with stardust.
  • Echoira – Implies a resonant and soulful quality, like an echoing song.
  • Breezele – Carrying the essence of a gentle breeze, perfect for a carefree chicken.
  • Serenova – Evokes a serene and harmonious aura, akin to a peaceful melody.
  • Stardelle – Suggesting a radiant and captivating presence, like a shining star.
  • Mysterio – Carries an air of mystery and intrigue, as if holding a secret.
  • Luminique – Signifies a radiant and luminous quality, akin to a glowing light.
  • Sparkine – Evokes the image of a spark, suggesting an energetic and lively nature.
  • Valoro – Implies a sense of courage and valor, perfect for a brave chicken.
  • Trilluna – Conjures images of a melodious night, akin to a chorus of crickets.
  • Sirenova – Suggesting a captivating and alluring presence, like a mesmerizing song.
  • Mystella – Implies a mysterious and enchanting aura, as if wrapped in a riddle.
  • Etherealuxe – Carries an otherworldly and exquisite quality, akin to a rare gem.
  • Gleamora – Evokes a sense of radiance and shine, perfect for a luminous chicken.
  • Mirageo – Conjures images of an elusive and captivating vision, like a mirage in the desert.
  • Velvete – Suggests a soft and velvety touch, akin to the smoothness of fine fabric.
  • Zenithra – Implies a peak of brilliance and excellence, perfect for an outstanding chicken.
  • Aurorize – Evokes the vibrant hues of an aurora, suggesting a colorful and dynamic presence.
  • Harpell – Conjures images of a captivating and enchanting melody, like a harp’s song.
  • Blissora – Suggests a state of pure joy and contentment, akin to a blissful moment.
  • Astralee – Implies a celestial and otherworldly quality, perfect for a heavenly chicken.
  • Lustrino – Evokes a sense of radiant luster, suggesting a shining and gleaming nature.
  • Flickere – Conjures images of a playful and lively spirit, like a flickering flame.
  • Meridiano – Suggests a sense of balance and equilibrium, akin to the meridian line.
  • Rivellume – Implies a shimmering and sparkling aura, perfect for a radiant chicken.
  • Duskelle – Evokes a sense of twilight and mystery, suggesting a dusky allure.
  • Enchantivo – Conjures images of a captivating and enchanting presence, like a bewitching spell.
  • Galaxite – Suggests a cosmic and otherworldly quality, akin to a celestial body.
  • Zephyraze – Implies a gentle and breezy demeanor, perfect for a carefree chicken.
  • Celestique – Evokes an ethereal and celestial aura, suggesting a heavenly nature.
  • Lullara – Conjures images of a soothing and calming presence, like a lullaby.
  • Whispella – Suggests a gentle and wispy quality, akin to a soft breeze.
  • Eclipsio – Implies a mysterious and captivating aura, perfect for an intriguing chicken.
  • Stardrino – Evokes the allure of stardust and magic, suggesting a magical presence.
  • Ethereone – Conjures images of an otherworldly and exquisite essence, like a rare jewel.
  • Tranquilla – Suggests a calm and serene nature, akin to a tranquil scene.
  • Dreamora – Implies a dreamy and enchanting quality, perfect for a whimsical chicken.
  • Luminelle – Evokes a radiant and luminous presence, suggesting a glowing aura.

The above names are more like a marriage of words and creativity, and offer a playground of possibilities for naming your beloved chicken. From the ethereal allure of “Etherealone” to the mysterious charm of “Mysterio,” each name carries a unique aura that complements the individuality of your feathery friend. 

French Chicken Names

Embracing the elegance and sophistication of the French language, we unveil a collection of uncommon names for your feathered friend. These names, inspired by the rich tapestry of French culture, are a tribute to the art of naming and the beauty of language. Each name carries with it a touch of Parisian charm, making it a perfect choice for your cultured and refined feathery companion.

  • Amélie – Radiating a sense of grace and charm, much like the beloved French film character.
  • Rémy – Evoking a spirit of resilience and cleverness, like the determined rat chef in “Ratatouille.”
  • Étienne – Signifying a noble and regal demeanor, befitting a chicken of distinction.
  • Océane – Conjuring images of the vast and tranquil sea, perfect for a calm and serene bird.
  • Thibault – Suggesting strength and valor, akin to a brave and courageous companion.
  • Colette – Implies a sense of sophistication and elegance, like a refined Parisian lady.
  • Lucien – Carrying an air of wisdom and enlightenment, befitting an intelligent chicken.
  • Aurore – Reflecting the radiant hues of dawn, suggesting a bright and vibrant presence.
  • Jules – Evokes a sense of creativity and artistic flair, perfect for a bird with a creative spirit.
  • Margaux – Signifying a timeless and classic beauty, akin to a fine French wine.
  • Sébastien – Conjures images of strength and resilience, like a sturdy and dependable companion.
  • Léonie – Suggesting a lion-hearted spirit, befitting a courageous and brave chicken.
  • Julien – Implies a sense of youthful exuberance and vitality, perfect for an energetic bird.
  • Manon – Carries an air of sweetness and charm, akin to a beloved French dessert.
  • Adrien – Reflecting a sense of sophistication and refinement, befitting a cultured chicken.
  • Eléonore – Evokes an aura of regal elegance and grace, like a queen of the coop.
  • Félix – Signifying a lucky and fortunate nature, suggesting a fortunate and blessed companion.
  • Céleste – Conjures images of the heavens and the stars, perfect for a celestial-minded bird.
  • Pierre – Suggesting a strong and sturdy foundation, akin to a reliable and dependable friend.
  • Clémence – Implies a gentle and compassionate nature, befitting a kind-hearted chicken.
  • Maxime – Reflecting a sense of greatness and excellence, like a champion of the coop.
  • Mathilde – Evokes an air of sophistication and poise, perfect for a graceful and refined bird.
  • Baptiste – Signifying a sense of rebirth and renewal, akin to a fresh start for your chicken.
  • Chloé – Conjures images of blooming flowers and beauty, befitting an enchanting companion.
  • Louis – Suggesting a royal and regal presence, like a king of the coop.
  • Henri – Implies a sense of nobility and honor, perfect for a bird with a dignified demeanor.
  • Léa – Reflecting a sense of beauty and grace, akin to a lovely and charming companion.
  • Antoine – Evokes a spirit of courage and bravery, befitting a fearless and daring chicken.
  • Sylvie – Signifying a sense of peace and tranquility, like a serene and calm bird.
  • Gabriel – Conjures images of strength and resilience, perfect for a robust and sturdy companion.
  • Camille – Suggesting a sense of artistic and creative expression, akin to a bird with a flair for beauty.
  • Bastien – Implies a strong and enduring nature, befitting a resilient and steadfast chicken.
  • Violette – Reflecting the beauty and elegance of purple violets, perfect for a bird with a touch of refinement.
  • Jacques – Signifying a timeless and classic charm, akin to a bird with an enduring presence.
  • Marguerite – Conjures images of delicate daisies, suggesting a gentle and lovely companion.
  • Olivier – Evokes a sense of peace and tranquility, like the calm of an olive grove.
  • Elodie – Suggests a sense of musicality and harmony, perfect for a bird with a melodious nature.
  • Romain – Implies a sense of strength and resilience, befitting a robust and enduring chicken.
  • Sabine – Reflecting a sense of grace and elegance, akin to a refined and poised companion.
  • Philippe – Signifying a regal and dignified presence, like a king of the coop.
  • Delphine – Conjures images of the playful and intelligent dolphins, suggesting a clever and witty companion.
  • Arthur – Evokes a sense of legendary and heroic nature, perfect for a bird with a brave heart.
  • Isabelle – Suggesting a sense of beauty and grace, akin to a lovely and enchanting companion.
  • Émile – Implies a kind-hearted and gentle nature, befitting a bird with a warm and loving demeanor.
  • Adèle – Reflecting an air of nobility and honor, like a queen of the coop.
  • Vincent – Signifying a sense of artistic expression and creativity, akin to a bird with a painterly touch.
  • Noémie – Conjures images of tranquility and peace, suggesting a calm and serene companion.
  • Hugo – Evokes a spirit of creativity and imagination, perfect for a bird with an artistic flair.
  • Juliette – Suggesting a timeless and romantic charm, akin to a bird with a tender and loving heart.
  • Luc – Implies a sense of light and brightness, befitting a radiant and luminous companion.

These French-inspired names, steeped in the beauty of the language, offer a touch of Parisian elegance to your cherished chicken. Whether you choose the classic allure of “Amélie” or the regal charm of “Thibault,” each name carries a certain sophistication that befits a bird of refined taste. 

Cute Chicken Names

Every chicken has its own charm. For those irresistibly adorable ones, here is a comprehensive list of cute chicken names that will melt your heart.

  • Puffy – For a fluffy little chick.
  • Nugget – A tiny name for a tiny chicken.
  • Peep – The sound baby chicks make.
  • Cuddlebug – For the chicken that loves to snuggle.
  • Twinkle Toes – For the light-footed chicken.
  • Sunny – Inspired by sunny-side-up eggs.
  • Bubbles – For a bubbly personality.
  • Doodle – A playful name for a playful chicken.
  • Honey – Sweet as honey.
  • Buttercup – A classic cute name.
  • Tater Tot – Small and adorable.
  • Marshmallow – Soft and squishy.
  • Pumpkin – Perfect for an orange or reddish chicken.
  • Cupcake – Sweet and delightful.
  • Sprinkles – For a chicken with speckled feathers.
  • Peanut – Small and nutty.
  • Jellybean – Colorful and sweet.
  • Snowflake – Perfect for a white chicken.
  • Pebbles – Small and round.
  • Daisy – Fresh and bright.
  • Coco – For a brown or chocolate-colored chicken.
  • Angel – Heavenly and pure.
  • Pickle – For the quirky chicken.
  • Giggles – Always happy.
  • Puffin – A mix of puffy and muffin.
  • Muffin – Soft and round.
  • Biscuit – Warm and comforting.
  • Chirpy – Always making noise.
  • Dumpling – Plump and cute.
  • Sparkle – Shiny and bright.

With these names, your chicken is sure to stand out in the coop. Remember, the cutest names often come from observing your chicken’s unique behaviors and characteristics.

Male Chicken Names

Roosters have a certain swagger and confidence about them. If you rooster swags a lot and loves to show off, here are some names to capture his essence.

  • Rex – Meaning king.
  • Captain – For the leader of the flock.
  • Duke – Noble and dignified.
  • Thor – Named after the Norse god of thunder.
  • Romeo – For the romantic rooster.
  • Maximus – Strong and mighty.
  • Spartan – Brave and fearless.
  • Bandit – For the mischievous rooster.
  • Rusty – Perfect for a reddish-brown rooster.
  • Hercules – Named after the Greek hero.
  • Knight – Noble and brave.
  • Samson – Strong and powerful.
  • Viking – Fierce and adventurous.
  • Zeus – The king of Greek gods.
  • Rocket – Fast and energetic.
  • Sherlock – For the observant rooster.
  • Elvis – The king of rock ‘n’ roll.
  • Maverick – Independent and unorthodox.
  • Goliath – Large and in charge.
  • Spike – Sharp and edgy.
  • Titan – Powerful and dominant.
  • Bravo – Bold and brave.
  • Ranger – Protective and watchful.
  • Trooper – Loyal and dependable.
  • Hawk – Sharp-eyed and vigilant.
  • Blaze – Fiery and passionate.
  • Chief – The leader of the pack.
  • Rico – Strong and powerful.
  • Bolt – Fast and lightning-quick.
  • Warrior – Brave and fearless.

Naming your rooster can be a reflection of his personality, his appearance, or even his crow. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a name that suits him well.

Female Chicken Names

Hens are the heart of the coop. Here are some names that you can assign to your female chicks.

  • Bella – Beautiful in Italian.
  • Rosa – Inspired by the rose flower.
  • Luna – Meaning moon.
  • Stella – Meaning star.
  • Grace – Elegant and poised.
  • Willow – Gentle and graceful.
  • Lily – Delicate and pure.
  • Ruby – Precious and valuable.
  • Misty – Dreamy and mysterious.
  • Amber – Warm and glowing.
  • Pearl – Precious and rare.
  • Duchess – Noble and dignified.
  • Violet – A beautiful purple flower.
  • Jasmine – Fragrant and lovely.
  • Aria – Melodious and harmonious.
  • Ivy – Climbing and persistent.
  • Rosie – Cheerful and rosy.
  • Lola – Strong and independent.
  • Dawn – Signifying a new beginning.
  • Skye – Limitless and free.
  • Aurora – Named after the Roman goddess of dawn.
  • Hazel – A warm brown color.
  • Daisy – Fresh and bright.
  • Opal – A precious gem.
  • Sapphire – Blue and precious.
  • Goldie – Golden and shiny.
  • Cherry – Sweet and red.
  • Meadow – Peaceful and open.
  • Lulu – Precious and sweet.
  • Fern – Green and leafy.

Naming your hen can be a reflection of her personality, her appearance, or even the sound of her cluck. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a name that suits her perfectly.

Names For A Baby Chicken

There’s something undeniably adorable about baby chickens. Their tiny chirps, fluffy feathers, and curious eyes make them irresistible.

When naming a baby chicken, it’s often best to choose names that capture their delicate and innocent nature. Here are some names that to good to ignore.

  • Pip – A small seed or the sound of a tiny bird.
  • Fluff – For their soft, downy feathers.
  • Bean – Small and round, just like a bean.
  • Sprout – A new growth, perfect for a baby.
  • Pebble – Tiny and round.
  • Bud – A new beginning.
  • Tinker – Small and playful.
  • Niblet – A tiny bite or piece.
  • Dot – Small and spot-like.
  • Poco – Meaning ‘little’ in Spanish.
  • Mite – Something very small.
  • Bitty – Tiny and cute.
  • Twiggy – Slender and delicate.
  • Puddle – Small and shallow.
  • Dinky – Small and cute.
  • Rune – A small mark or symbol.
  • Kewpie – After the cute dolls.
  • Nano – Extremely small.
  • Puffin – A mix of puff and muffin.
  • Teeny – Very small.

Naming a baby chicken can be a delightful experience. Choose a name that resonates with their tiny size and innocent nature, and you’ll have a moniker that fits them perfectly.

Black Chicken Names

Black chickens, with their glossy feathers and striking appearance, deserve names that highlight their beauty and elegance. Whether you have a jet-black rooster or a raven-hued hen, here are some names inspired by their color.

  • Midnight – The darkest hour.
  • Raven – A black bird known for its intelligence.
  • Ebony – A deep, dark black.
  • Shadow – A dark figure cast by light.
  • Onyx – A black gemstone.
  • Sable – Black in heraldry.
  • Jet – Deep black, like the gemstone.
  • Inky – As black as ink.
  • Cinder – Remnants of a fire.
  • Charcoal – Dark grayish-black.
  • Panther – A sleek black animal.
  • Obsidian – A black volcanic glass.
  • Mamba – After the black mamba snake.
  • Velvet – Soft and black.
  • Cosmos – The vastness of space.
  • Eclipse – When one celestial body obscures another.
  • Mystic – Mysterious and dark.
  • Nero – ‘Black’ in Italian.
  • Graphite – A shade of black-gray.
  • Moor – Dark and expansive.

Black chickens have a unique charm that’s both mysterious and captivating. Choose a name that celebrates their color and they’ll surely stand out in the flock.

Unique Names For Chickens

Every chicken is unique, with its own quirks and personality. For those special birds that don’t quite fit the mold, here is a list of some names that are as distinctive as they are.

  • Zephyr – A gentle, west wind.
  • Calypso – A rhythmic and captivating style.
  • Quill – A feather or a writing instrument.
  • Talisman – A magical charm.
  • Lyric – A poetic expression.
  • Sonnet – A 14-line poem.
  • Kismet – Destiny or fate.
  • Zenith – The highest point.
  • Fable – A short story with a moral.
  • Mosaic – A picture made of small colored pieces.
  • Verve – Energy and enthusiasm.
  • Rhapsody – An enthusiastic expression.
  • Limerick – A humorous five-line poem.
  • Odyssey – A long journey.
  • Kaleidoscope – A constantly changing pattern.
  • Elixir – A magical potion.
  • Nebula – A cloud of gas and dust in space.
  • Sorbet – A refreshing dessert.
  • Vignette – A short, descriptive scene.
  • Serendipity – A fortunate discovery.

Unique chickens deserve unique names. Whether it’s their appearance, behavior, or just a feeling you get, these names are sure to capture their one-of-a-kind nature.

Funny Chicken Names

Chickens can be quite comical with their antics, and sometimes, a humorous name is just what they need. Here are some funny and adorable chicken names that will surely give you a chuckle.

  • Cluckles – A play on chuckles.
  • Egghead – A smart chicken or a playful tease.
  • Yolkster – The comedian of the coop.
  • Bawkture – For the sci-fi fan.
  • Hen-thusiast – A very enthusiastic hen.
  • Eggspert – A chicken that knows it all.
  • Magnet – Attractive to all.
  • Eeeran – A musical chicken.
  • Cluck Kent – The Superman of chickens.
  • Poultry in Motion – Always on the Move.
  • Bawk – For the musical chicken.
  • Eggsecutive – A chicken in charge.
  • Rogers – The spacefaring chicken.

Chickens have a way of making us laugh, and these names are a testament to their comedic nature. Choose a name that brings a smile to your face every time you call them.

Famous Chicken Names

Throughout history and pop culture, there have been chickens that have left their mark. Here are some names inspired by famous chickens or characters associated with them.

  • Foghorn Leghorn – The loud-mouthed cartoon rooster.
  • Camilla – The beloved chicken of Gonzo from The Muppets.
  • Chicktle – The one who believed the sky was falling.
  • Rocky – The flying rooster from “Chicken Run”.
  • Ginger – The determined hen from “Chicken Run”.
  • Lady Cluck – From Disney’s “Robin Hood”.
  • Heihei – The not-so-bright rooster from “Moana”.
  • Panchito – From Disney’s “The Three Caballeros”.
  • Chanticleer – The rooster from “Rock-a-Doodle”.
  • Big Bird – Though not a chicken, he’s a famous bird from “Sesame Street”.
  • Feathers McGraw – The penguin who wanted to be a chicken from “Wallace & Gromit”.
  • Robot Chicken – From the stop-motion sketch comedy show.
  • Dottie – The caring woman from “Chicken People”.
  • Ernie the Giant Chicken – Peter Griffin’s nemesis from “Family Guy”.
  • Cucco – The chickens from “The Legend of Zelda” series.
  • Colonel Sanders – The face of KFC.
  • Pollo – From the comic “Lucha Libre”.
  • Booker & Sheldon – The chick and egg from “Garfield and Friends”.
  • Popcorn – The dancing chicken from “America’s Got Talent”.
  • Henrietta – The knitting chicken from “The Goodies”.

These names are inspired by chickens that have made us laugh, cry, or simply entertained us. They’re perfect for the chicken that’s destined for greatness.


Naming your chicken can be a delightful journey. Whether you’re inspired by their appearance, their quirks, or simply your favorite memories, there’s a perfect name out there for every chicken.

From the cute and cuddly to the unique and iconic, these names are a testament to the joy and laughter that chickens bring into our lives. 

So, the next time you find yourself with a new feathered friend, remember this guide and choose a name that’s as special as they are.

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